The Rebellion's Arrival and Mobilisation on MetalGuy's 17th Celebration and Saturday Night Survival (08-09-2018)

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The Rebellion's Arrival and Mobilisation on MetalGuy's 17th Celebration and Saturday Night Survival (08-09-2018)

Post by MetalGuy213 on Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:07 am

Hail MetalGuy And Praise The Rebellion!

Hello Everyone!!! It's MetalGuy and i have a speech to say that.... my 17th birthday there would be a mobilisation and a arrive for the General Peace Group "The Rebellion"... The Group would invade SNS' Event and to start having progression and some peace and respect to our people and fallen users and victims of bullying/cyberbullying... also we should celebrate my 17th birthday cause it would be something else for hapyness and some glory to the people, to the users, to SNS Team and to us.... we should make this like a home, like a good place and to get something rather than suffering, being insulted, bullied, etc.

What does consist for?

  • Metal and his pals as forming The Rebellion should reunite to start having a party and to a gaming one to start making some peace, general fun and respect
  • The Rebellion can pay respect to fallen people who suffered Bullying/Cyberbullying or Depression caused by any reason
  • We play music for sure (MetalGuy's 17th Birthday, Not SNS Event to avoid lack of memory on TSPG Servers)
  • Even..... to have something to keep having Childhood on our minds
  • The Main User (Me) should stand on the voice Chat on the MetalGuy's Community Discord rather SNS Discord with his pals or even people can come to the Voice Chat
  • We Don't threat themselfes Poorly, we are just friends (my pals) to manage and to keep it.


  • If you want to join the server to play, be nice
  • Do not harras or to destroy the Mobilisation if you are going to go Mad when you lose our life in the game
  • You can swear...... But Careful
  • do not spam

Why the event is made?

The event is made to show a signal of mobilisation against the people or things who made the other people to feel bad and depressed until to get himself/herself down as what happened to the following users who lost their lifes... also the event is made since i and my ex friends suffered from things who made us feeling sad and depressed.

When:8th Of September 2018 (Metal's Birthday Celebration and Mobilisation on the SNS Server)
Time:5 PM (17:00) (Chilean Hours, Santiago)

When:Same Day (Official SNS Server)
Time:8 PM (20:00) (Eastern Time)

Where:TSPG-Painkiller and MetalGuy's 17th Birthday, La Pintana, Santiago, Chile


<!> --------------- Staff Members and Friends of the Main Group or with MetalGuy Himself --------------- <!>
Members Of MetalGuy's Community (as of 13-07-2018):

  • MetalGuy (Main Owner)
  • CoolAkramTV
  • Domino/Nani
  • Kawaii Potato
  • Meleemario
  • Doomjoshuaboy
  • Colins
  • Dena
  • Samer

Friends and pals Of MetalGuy's Community Or MetalGuy Himself (as of 13-07-2018):

  • MiFU
  • Samuzero15tlh
  • Adverus
  • Kika Drums
  • BlueVenom
  • Vicious Pariah
  • Nasimur1
  • Mezque
  • Scrippy
  • Orhelim
  • LanHikariDS
  • Fiorello1
  • Francis
  • Gaby
  • Imaweaboo141/Weebs' Next Door
  • TheLlanosM79
  • Sonic's S** Slave
  • MetalKong1
  • Flambeau
  • Brolt
  • Hedrox/Makron
  • Bill
  • mrcrispy
  • Deathtrap/Demolition
  • Randie
  • Darky
  • Avery

Wall Of Sadness (Not Welcomed) (as of 13-07-2018):

  • Decay (Cause of his attitude and negativeness... he should aleast learn to how to test his maps)
  • Conita/Cony (Due of the Conflict and incidents with the team and myself..... she shouldn't come here)
  • N1col3 (Same reason as Conita)
  • Oda La Cerveza/Sistemas (Not welcomed due of his irratitive Attitude)
  • Capodecima (Neither.....)
  • Shadowfox/Shogun (Not Welcomed too)
  • Ghostkiller/Tragedy (No need of Toxic Persons)

Sufre Por Todo??? Se Enoja Por Todo??? Llora Por Todo???
No Sufra Mas!!! Podemos Animarte en este Grupo!
MetalGuy Himself.

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